Publisher Case Study

Importing and the Power of Relationships:

Carson Dellosa ships products from China through Cargo Brokers.

  • Established educational publisher needs consistent, efficient logistics.
  • Full access to Cargo Brokers’ shipping experts available with cross-office support.
  • Cargo Brokers acts as shipping department for Carson Dellosa.

As a publisher of teaching aids, Carson Dellosa keeps most of their production stateside. There are pieces that need to be produced in China to offer competitive pricing. Things like pocket charts for teachers. That’s why Carson Dellosa relies on Cargo Brokers.


“Cargo Brokers primarily imports goods from China for us. All over the world, really,” said Dan Falbaum, who set-up logistics for Carson Dellosa.


Dan explained, “We’re a small company and we don’t have the staff to figure out tariffs, source transportation and take care of everything. We make a purchase from our vendors in the Far East, and complete production. Then, we work with Cargo Brokers to get us the best sailing schedule, shipping times and carriers to bring the product in as quickly as possible. And as economically as possible. And they do clear customs for us.”


Carson Dellosa ships between 50 and 100 full containers each year. Some months, as many as 20 containers clear port. When those containers arrive, shipments may need to go immediately to clients like Wal-Mart.


Because of Cargo Brokers, Carson Dellosa doesn’t have to ship their containers from Long Beach, California to headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina only to send them back to markets in California. Cargo Brokers handles warehousing, fulfillment and trucking.It’s much more efficient.


While Christine Smith, Branch Manager in Charlotte,joined Cargo Brokersa few years ago, she’s handled Carson Dellosa for much longer than that. Dan followed her.


“Christine brings great knowledge of the industry. We feel like we can trust her,” said Dan. Dan is happy with the transition to Cargo Brokers. “They didn’t raise any rates, or play any games. It was a good fit.”


“We sometimes can get into fairly complex business models. We deal with people who order from us directly. We have business with Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Costco. Sometimes the inventory needs are extraordinary. Sometimes we call Christine and tell her we need this much by this date,” said Dan.


“We can be blunt with each other. I might ask for the impossible, but I know she’s telling the truth on whether she can do it,” explained Dan.He knows that Christine respects him enough to give him honest communication about delivery.


Dan tried other freight forwarding companies, including multinationals. He’s happier with Cargo Brokers’ responsiveness. He explained, “The major companies don’t have that hands-on customer service attitude.”


Dan appreciates the support of the entire Cargo Brokers’ team. He has access to Christine’s staff, additional services from the Atlanta office, and even CEO Carsten Steinmetz.


“That’s why Cargo Brokers is good. Because they take that one-on-one relationship and become partners,” concluded Dan.

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