Hardware Importer Case Study

Cargo Brokers Manages Constant Armada of Containers

  • Cargo Brokers serves as shipping department for dual companies, Wood Technologies and Conset America.
  • Accurate delivery times creates better customer service experience for end clients.
  • New ports and new ISF regulations are no problem.

“They are mostly an extension of our business here,” said CFO Mary Schober on how Cargo Brokers fits into her dual companies, Wood Technologies and Conset America.


Imports are absolutely essential to both businesses. Wood Technologies imports cabinet supplies, like drawer slides, knobs and pulls. One of their most popular items is a plasma TV electric lift.


Conset America sells adjustable desks. Workers can sit or stand at one of the height adjustable desksfor healthier posture. Schober has Cargo Brokers bring these overby the container load from Italy and China, as part of a logistics relationship that has grown for over a decade.


Getting their products into the country, then out to their clients requires complicated logistics. According to Schober, Cargo Brokers streamlined their imports. She said, “They create efficiency for us, and timely delivery of our goods.”


Knowing exactly when their shipments will arrive allows Conset America to provide better customer service to their primary clients, office furniture dealers.”If a shipment is hot, I need to convey to our customer what the actual date it will arrive is. I can always trust what Cargo Brokers tells me about timing for when a shipment docks. They have good relationships with truckers. If they tell me a shipment has been released, and they tell me it will be here Tuesday at 8 a.m., it will here at Tuesday 8 a.m.”


It’s a big contrast from the other freight forwarders Mary Schober used. She said, “We’ve worked with three other brokers. One promised the world. They never were on top on their game, as far as notifying us that a shipment is in. You lose so much time with that. It seemed like they put the plan together when the ship docked. So our shipments were delayed three or four days.”


Mary continued, “On shipments from Poland and Denmark, I don’t have a choice on my broker. It’s the shipper’s directive. It’s only one shipment a month. It’s a hassle. The trucking people they use aren’t as reliable. I constantly get a telephone call that the truck broke down. They miss a lot of delivery times.”


In her eleven years of working with Cargo Brokers, she hasn’t had the same headaches. “It’s amazing how reliable the shipments have been. Cargo Brokers helps us get our goods here on time. They are good communicators with personalized and detailed service.”


Because of Cargo Brokers, Mary doesn’t have to worry that her ISF filing is accurate, or that the right forms are getting filled out for China exports. The Charlotte office communicates with her, and helps her avoid $5000 fines. When she was interviewed, Wood Technologies and Conset America jointly had 12 shipments on the water.


Cargo Brokers also helped Schober navigate exports to Canada and Mexico. And they handled a hot direct-to-client shipment to a California port, unusual to Schober’s supply chain.


Schober explained, “The whole timing of that shipment, I was relying on Cargo Brokers’ expertise, and their people and relationships. It went like clockwork. It was fantastic for us and for our end user, an office furniture dealer.”


Mary Schober is keeping Cargo Brokers around. “I really appreciate their expertise, knowledge and communication. Everything with them is prompt and proactive,” she said.

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