HTFN Missouri, Miami, and Brazil in the Cold!

July 2014

The HTFN partnership continues to result in business gains for HTFN Missouri, Ram International. Ram International has utilized the gateway services of HTFN Miami, Cargo Brokers Miami, for clearance and handling of perishable agricultural lab samples from South and Central America destined for lab facilities throughout the USA for many years.

Those products include frozen soy and corn tissue, frozen citrus, fresh and frozen apples, bananas, grapes, oranges and avocados that are produced by growers for such companies as Syngenta Biotechnology,Pioneer Hy-Bred and Monsanto.

RAM recently added HTFN Brazil as a shipping origin along with HTFN partner Ocean Express International. The pickup of the frozen samples is arranged in dedicated vehicles at a vendor airport. HTFN Brazil organizes the Brazil collection of frozen lab samples in coolers packed in dry ice from the originating growing fields, re-ices as needed prior to departure from SAO and consigns master airway bills to Cargo Brokers Miami. CBI Miami processes the consignments through Customs-USDA-FDA, recovers from the airline, adds dry ice to the coolers and tenders to the delivering carriers per Ram International instructions. The coordination between the HTFN member companies has been outstanding and has resulted in 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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