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Making Freight Work from Germany and China
Cargo Brokers imports raw materials, exports great communication for Worktools.

  • Cargo Brokers solves problems caused by other forwarders.
  • Online tracking makes it simple to see where the shipments are.
  • Worktools saves money through Cargo Brokers efficiency and competitive pricing.

In Spring, homeowners look for a fresh outlook, a fresh coat of paint. They walk into Lowe’s, or call their professional painter who picks up paint rollers, paint applicators, brushes and trays made by Worktools International.


The Spring renovation season starts early for Worktools. By February, container loads with raw materials from China, Germany, Italy and also the U.S. pick up the pace to double and triple the usual volume, according to Nancy Aukeman. Nancy handles purchasing and logistics for Worktools at their Largo, Florida headquarters.


In her five years with Worktools, Nancy has developed and expanded the partnership with Cargo Brokers for freight forwarding on their international shipments. She said, “They have always handled our German supplier. They worked out so well that we got them involved with our shipments from China.”


Cargo Brokers makes it simple for Nancy and the team at Worktools. “They bring in our containers from China and from Germany. They are taking care of customs clearance. They are handling getting the product from our suppliers to our facility.


Nancy cites the quality of information and communication from Cargo Brokers as the best part of working with them. “We always know that we’ll be notified if there’s any delay on our shipments. We need our products at certain times. They are very good at relaying information,” she said.


“There’s a website that Cargo Brokers has set up that gives us easy access to our shipments. It’s easy for us to track our shipments. They handle any of the questions we have. And they give us what’s happening up to the minute,” said Nancy.


Nancy speaks to Cargo Brokers Miami office by phone or email every day. “They are always available whenever I’ve had any questions related to customs clearance. Some of our suppliers set up the shipping from their end, and we don’t have Cargo Brokers involved. Then, there are issues, and we need Cargo Brokers’ advice.


“They are always willing to help, whether they are bringing the shipment in or not. Even when it’s not their problem. I’ve said, I know you’re not bringing this in, but tell us what this means,” said Nancy.


Why does Nancy rely on Cargo Brokers expertise? “There’s a lot of language in bringing containers in. It can be an expensive problem if something is not quite right for customs,” she explained.


“Cargo Brokers has definitely saved us money. We have people come in from other companies that want our business, and they give us quotes throughout the year. Cargo Brokers has stayed very competitive,” said Nancy.


What would Nancy Aukeman say to another manufacturer looking to move freight? “We’ve been using a freight forwarder in Miami for many, many years. If you want to be sure that your containers are brought in timely, that you’ll be kept up to date on everything, that you’ve got the best pricing, I would recommend Cargo Brokers. They are awesome. I’ve had nothing but good experiences.”

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