Export Ocean & Air

We are your shipping department.


We bridge the gap between production and getting products to customers. It’s part customer service to you, making your life a little simpler.  And part customer service to your customers, keeping you profitable.


Exports require coordinated details. For example, a commercial invoice is required to do an export declaration. Our system will automatically remind us, remind you, if the commercial invoice is missing, before it is too late.  You won’t miss a booking because of lost paperwork.  We ensure that all requirements are met efficiently.


We also confirm that the carrier loaded your freight, as it was booked. That’s an automatic process. Our technology ensures that we know. And we make sure that you know, in your preferred means of contact—email, phone or online.


Strategic relationships with carriers allow us to reach the entire world, whatever your required destination.


Our people are there to make sure that you can do your job with the least amount of stress and worry. Keep Calm and Cargo On.

Our Affiliations & Certifications