Import Ocean & Air

We work on the world’s time.


Some of our customers need to get their raw materials in so that their production continues profitably. Others have orders to fill of finished goods.


With our agents working worldwide, we schedule pick-ups from factories on the islands of Indonesia.  We bring goods from Borneo to Birmingham, door to door.


We provide a window into what is happening overseas. Once pallets are ready for pickup, our clients will know their shipment is on its way. We offer a Purchase Order Manager, so the window can be opened even earlier, when you first place a order for your goods. View the whole process online, as it happens.


Electronic Data Interchange connects Cargo Brokers with our agents overseas. So when we’re importing gadgets from Germany, we know what’s coming. As soon as our foreign agent enters their information, we have it in our systems, too.


Before goods arrive at the US port, we prepare for customs brokerage.  (live link “customs brokerage” to that page)  You work with one company for freight forwarding and customs brokerage, keeping the entire movement seamless.


We are able to begin processing on foreign time. Cargo Brokers’ team stays connected in the evening, to answer questions from our Asian agents, so we don’t lose a day on communication.  It’s better service for our stateside importers. Keep Calm and Cargo On.

Our Affiliations & Certifications