Customs Brokerage

Our experts make the process seamless.


We know customs regulations, so we help our clients navigate compliance. This can prevent huge import fines. Unexpected fines create stress and affect the bottom line.


C-TPAT certified, Cargo Brokers keeps your shipments moving, and avoids most examination delays. Customs data shows that C-TPAT importers are four to six times less likely to incur a security or compliance examination. Cargo Brokers recommends that our importing clients also seek C-TPAT certification, and we can help with that.


Ocean imports require an Importer Security Filing (ISF/10+2), before the vessel leaves. It’s the importer’s responsibility. This can be done through our online system, or we can do it for you. Either way, you’ll avoid up to $5000 fines for not filing the timely paperwork. Click here to download Cargo Brokers’ guidelines on avoiding these fines.

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