We store and fulfill orders on demand.


Cargo Brokers operates onsite warehouses in Atlanta and Miami. In Charlotte we have off-site warehousing. Our locations are secure, and our technology keeps the processing worry-free.


Store raw materials for just-in-time delivery to production. Keep inventory holding costs to a minimum.


International clients get closer to the North American market without investing in brick and mortar.  For example, one of our tech-based clients manufactures in England. When they sell to a client in Arkansas, we can have that order filled the same day and sent out for next day delivery.  It would take much longer or cost much more to send just that one part from London to Little Rock.


They could invest in a stateside warehouse, but they would also have to keep the lights on and keep it staffed. It’s more economical on several levels to engage our warehousing and fulfillment services.


When Cargo Brokers handles fulfillment, you keep control over your stock and shipments through our online portal. It’s an easy process to see where your clients’ shipments are. Inventory levels are monitored automatically, so you’ll be notified when stock drops to your minimum threshold. On demand inventory and outbound order processing are simple, and available in a few clicks. There are no surprises. It’s so easy to Keep Calm and Cargo On.

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