Freight forwarding is about moving goods from A to Z. Cargo Brokers advantage is the transparency in which we communicate the details about shipments to our clients. Our excellent technology makes it possible.


• Better data sharing than many multi-nationals: Electronic Data Interchange integrates functions like purchase order management with client’s database. Connected to Cargo Brokers and to our partners overseas. It’s seamless.


• Better shipment tracking through to the carriers: Know where a shipment is, and more importantly, when it’s going to arrive, with accuracy. Clients who have time sensitive freight are informed when the estimated time of arrival is going to change.


• Customs clearance based on client’s electronic invoice: No chance for data breaks, no rekeying of data, which eliminates human error. Automatically a more compliant transaction


• High touch customer service: Your Cargo Brokers representatives are always available. Every voicemail is sent via email to smartphones, so your message is received, even when we aren’t at our desks. From notifications from Asian partners to third shift shipping updates, Cargo Brokers stays connected 24/7.


• Accommodating your level of technology: For those without EDI capability, we can connect using CSV/Excel files for commercial invoices, purchase orders. Removing the need for EDI investment, yet better reporting and compliance are at your fingertips


Keep Calm and Cargo OnLINE! Our customer portal is more than tracking. Cargo Brokers enables document management, order placement, online bookings, and various reports. Full visibility, control and transparency for our customers.

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