Giselle Sastre

Giselle Sastre: Keeping Freight in Fashion


Giselle Sastre has enjoyed a long and varied career with stints working for Liz Claiborne, Tahari and Lily Chao in the New York garment industry; importing trims from Hong Kong; and managing sales to retail giants like Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.


A single mom with a son, Giselle had great family support, but wanted to make it on her own. Fluent in Spanish from her Cuban parents, she relocated with her son to Miami.


Giselle found a job importing binoculars and riflescopes. Then she spent seven years at a major Japanese freight forwarder handling electronics. By the time Giselle joined Cargo Brokers in 1998, she had a dozen years experience in imports.


Giselle says that making it on her own made her confident. She knew she wanted to work at a freight forwarder that would utilize her fashion industry expertise. Cargo Brokers did just that.


Giselle pulled in accounts that were shipping fabric from Italy. “When I speak to an importer who brings in fabric, I understand their needs. I am at ease, which makes them feel comfortable.”Giselle added, “They are under severe time constraints. They are planning a year ahead of the fashion trend: shopping for fabrics in Milan and spinning it off in China.”


Giselle helps her clients meet their deadlines, but there’s more to it. “I can help with cost,” said Giselle. “Freight forwarding is the final cost added to a product. It’s important for them to get a quote that fits in with their budget.”


Giselle remarried and had a daughter, 10 years after her son. Why make her home with Cargo Brokers? She appreciates the family values of Cargo Brokers. “This is a family owned business. I had left my family back in NJ. This company became my second family,” said Giselle. She also appreciated the access to the top leadership at Cargo Brokers, “I felt like I had a voice here”.

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