Ronald Brooks

ronaldRonald Brooks: Finding Fast Solutions in Freight Forwarding


Cargo Brokers Director of Sales, Ronald Brooks, has worked in freight forwarding since 1990. Much of his tenure was with Cargo Brokers, first as an import clerk, and then as a Licensed US Customs Broker in Miami and Atlanta.



It was like going home again to work with the Steinmetz family and their team at Cargo Brokers in the Atlanta office, when he rejoined the team in 2014, after spending some time as a small business owner.


Ronald is customer focused. “For me, selling is finding out what a customer wants and needs first and then trying to find a solution to offer them. Sales people throughout the world and across all industries are plagued with the mistaken idea that they should sell what they have, and not what the customer needs.”


What’s the key that Ronald shares about how he sells Cargo Brokers? “I listen. That’s the number one thing.”


By listening to customers’ problems, he finds viable solutions. “Working with tile importers whose biggest challenge is shipping maximum weight, or food industry importers who need the fastest transit regardless of the price, I was able to make changes to these customers existing cookie cutter shipping arrangements and provide a solution. By changing the routing we were able to load heavier and deliver faster in order to satisfy these customer’s specific needs,” said Ronald.


Ronald loves the action of international freight forwarding. “It’s really fast. It makes you feel alive. It’s constantly changing. The shipment that you’ve delivered is done, and you’re moving on to the next one, which is always going to be a little bit different.”

Ronald and his family live in Metro Atlanta. He enjoys baseball, yoga and hiking. Originally from New York City, Ronald graduated from Hofstra University where he majored in International Business, with a minor in Spanish.

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