Nicole Steinmetz

nicole Nicole Steinmetz: Taking Technology to Customer Service


Languages and computers came naturally to Nicole Steinmetz, Chief Operating Officer at Cargo Brokers. As a teenager, she was certified as a native German speaker and earned a perfect score on the National Latin Exam. After studying Latin and German at Furman University, Nicole intended to be a language teacher, but her family business, Cargo Brokers, needed her computer skills right out of college.


She left Cargo Brokers to further her technical expertise, including getting an MBA in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State. Nicole joined a software vendor specializing in freight forwarding.


In October 2014, Nicole was asked by the leadership team to return to Cargo Brokers, first in Exports, and then as Chief Operating Officer out of the Atlanta office. She said, “I have a passion for this company and this business. Freight forwarding is fun.”


Nicole enjoys solving client problems. “I’ve got someone who wants to ship a TV van by air to the middle of Africa. That’s fun for me to find a solution: Who has a plane that’s big enough? Which airport in that country can handle that size plane?”


“My ultimate goal is customer service and open and transparent communication. Only then can we make improvements and help re-align customer expectations. I’m not perfect, the people I work with aren’t perfect, but we can strive for perfection with open lines of communication.”


Nicole Steinmetz started as COO on January 1, 2015. She has vision for the company. She said, “I’m going to figure out how we can work smarter, not harder, and find efficiencies in the software we use.”


When she’s not making clients happy, Nicole enjoys bowling, photography, travel and reading murder mysteries. She also dedicates a lot of time to local charity work.

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