Staci Morrison

StaciStaci Morrison: The Long Road Home


When I was a Senior at Appalachian State, I joined the International Business Club. As an international business major, I knew I wanted to do something with my degree but I had no idea what! We took a field trip down to UNCC where they were holding an International Business conference. One of the speakers was a young salesman from Cargo Brokers. I loved his speech and was intrigued by this new Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage field that I’d never heard of. I made sure to meet him after the conference and he encouraged me to send a resume to Cargo Brokers. Several weeks later, I got a call from the Branch Manager, Pam Mason, to come to Charlotte for an interview. Pam offered me a job on the spot to run an import entry desk, I accepted.


Fifteen days after walking across the stage, I started my first job at Cargo Brokers. I learned many valuable lessons that carried me through my career. The customer service that Cargo Brokers demanded for our clients was strict. We started work at 6am on Monday mornings and would clear as much cargo as we could to make same day deliveries across the region. We were an amazing organization: great forwarders, brokers, and customer service people that worked incredibly hard to deliver best in class solutions to customers. After three years of intense training, my husband and I relocated to Houston Texas where I continued my career. I was amazed that while my new company did the same work, we did not deliver the level of service I was used to! In retrospect, the foundations of service and excellence that I’d experienced at Cargo Brokers where never duplicated anywhere I went.


I began to believe they no longer existed. I would reminisce with my older colleagues about the days when good freight forwarding was the standard. The industry as a whole had long abandoned the ideals I was taught at Cargo Brokers. In August of 2015, I received a call from Nicole, who I had met many years before when she was a Senior in High School. She asked me to come in and discuss a Branch Manager’s opportunity and told me that she was in town with her father, Goetz. It had been 22 years since I’d gone on my Texas adventure but Goetz greeted me warmly and immediately welcomed me back. When Goetz asked me what I wanted, I told him, “I just want to take good care of my clients, make a little money, and have fun doing it.” On my one year anniversary, he reminded me of that statement and congratulated me for accomplishing those goals.


Since rejoining the company, I am encouraged to once again be in an environment where great things still happen. We still take great care of the clients and deliver exceptional service to our clients. I’ve never been happier. Through the excellent leadership of Nicole Steinmetz, Cargo Brokers is still the best company “on the airport”. Unencumbered by constant reports, KPI’s, processes, and silos of power the employees of Cargo Brokers are freed up to do what they do best – keep the customer’s freight moving! It took a while, but I am glad to be home.

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